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Gear Technology is an area of specialization in Mechanical Engineering. And to us, it is more an art than a Science. We have developed the expertise to understand the critical requirements ofevery applications and implement this through well defined systems, planning and design.

We have a fully equipped Design Office to design application-oriented products with highly quality. We constantly endeavor to make improvements. The Product designs and Tool designs are developed by CAD.

Right from selection of raw-material upto the final assembly each Production stage undergoes rigorous quality control tests. Our Quality Engineering team interacts with the Design and Manufacturing Departments continuously, to build quality through strict process control.

We have developed various special and non-standard Gear profiles and have been successful in supplying Gears and Gear Boxes used for various machineries.

We are equipped with machines such as Gear Hobbers, Bevel Generators, Worm Milling and also Machinery for manufacturing Blank and Housing & Quality control equipment.


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